Design your life: If you want to change, you can do it.

Elisa Eire
3 min readMar 24, 2020


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How many times have you heard someone say things like: “I’m terrible with money”; “I hate my job, I need to change it”; or “I want to be healthier”, only to be in the same place one year later? Maybe you’ve done the same?

It’s part of human condition to want to change things about our lives and lifestyle. We all have dreams and desires from an early age, but, what does it take to turn those into reality?

Here’s the thing. We all dream and wish, but when it comes down to it the everyday takes over and we kick the proverbial can down the road for another day. We put our dreams on the shelf for later. We make excuses. Lack of time is an excellent one. And so, today becomes tomorrow. Tomorrow becomes next week. Next week, becomes next month. A year becomes two. Suddenly, you’re 10 years older and no closer to living the life you want.

Kind of sucks, right?

Truth is: We all have the ability to change. We’re living proof of it. When we’re young, we learn to walk and talk, read and write; we pick up skills like baking or playing sports, painting or driving — some of us better than others but we all have a go. We decide what we want and, usually, we go for it. How is it then, if we all able to change and learn new skills, that as adults many of us end up feeling stuck and telling ourselves stories that limit us?

Changing your life is simple, but it isn’t easy.

Read that again.

It’s simple. But it isn’t easy.

We pick up signals of what the ideal life is — calling the Joneses! We are conditioned by brand messages and adopt behaviours that aren’t connecting with our truth, but it’s the done thing so we follow the pack. We are tamed, especially us women. We are taught to act a certain way, to put family first, that we can have it all (they just forgot to say that we can’t have it at the same time…), or to dull our shine.

Unlearning the stories and habits that are hindering you from living your dream life will require effort, sustained intentions and, most likely, several trade-offs along the way.

Five years ago, I was in a place I thought I belonged. Doing what I thought life was all about: Spending money like there was no tomorrow; Sundays in the pub with friends; going out most weekends (and waking up hungover and riddled with anxiety after drinking too much); saying “yes” when I probably should have said “no”.

Looking back, the life I had was a concoction of comparison, insecurity and society’s shackles. I wasn’t living true to my values. I wasn’t living my truth.

Today, my experience is drastically different. It didn’t happen overnight, though. It began, like big transformation often does, with some dramatic life changes — the jolt of having your then “expected” life turn upside down will do that to you! After the shock had subsided, I intentionally started making tweaks to my life. Over time, step by step, I’ve been shifting my mindset and making choices that align with my values.

I’m designing my exceptional life, and you can do it too!

Design your exceptional life

Creating and living a life you love, designing an exceptional life, requires vision and grit. Vision to dream it into existence. Grit to get you there.

Not just that, from my experience, it also calls on you to:

· Choose what feels good, not what looks good.

· Simplify and focus on what’s essential.

· Create space and time for the things that truly matter.

· Live according to your values.

· Embrace the setbacks and learn from them.

· Set strong boundaries and keep them.

· Develop systems that will sustain you.

It might seem daunting at first, but you are so very capable, my sweets.

That’s why I’ve created a coaching system that, through creative thinking and design inspired methods, will help you uncover your true values, set sustainable goals and take the actions that will help you design your exceptional life.

Are you ready to step into your truth and design your life?



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